Italy vacations

Italy vacations, which have a permanent place everywhere, have various alternatives. The first destinations that come to mind when vacationing are Italy. Italy vacations are full of luck for all of us.

Italy is not a holiday. Italy is a passion, a country of culture, arts, creativity, gastronomy. Italy vacations are also important. It cannot be used as a holiday. Italy, which is one of the best destinations to go, can be suitable for Italy vacations.

Holidays are at the top of the best holidays in Italy with our friends and family. Some of the most important of these are the ability to go to the twenty first century to BC at the same time, on the lunar days. One of the best examples of this is in the city of Rome. There would be no Italy without the city of Rome. A project to plan Rome.

Wandering through the streets of Rome, walking around in historical visuals, in a beautiful square, a nice pasta or pizza and a cold beer or a good wine displayed on the side make us feel how important and right choices are for Italy vacations.

Admire our admiration for Italy, a historical building coming from every destination in the history of Rome, after the meal. The taste of coffee that comes up to our nose while visiting the street pleasure, our coffee break will be remembered. Of course, to be in Italy vacations, a coffee break is not just for coffee for us , hissing on dates, which is an education in Italy. We imagine the reality of our eyes on the streets as an ice cream shop. Finally, we took an ice cream break. Even though there are tens of varieties, it makes it difficult for us to give a stone, while we try the flavors we want, they experience the beauty of Italy vacations once.

After a nice tiredness and resting in our hotel in the evening, we get lost in the history of Rome for dinner and we are until the content of a Trattoria with the sound of guitar. Our dinner comes to an end. 

It is the city that only Rome created. One of the most important reasons for this gathering of chance for rebirth is that Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci provided only the chance of Rome, providing our feeling of Italy like Venice. If we are distinguished by the valleys we go some miles . There is an opportunity to taste important dishes of Italian cuisine and at the same time go on an excursion.

While you are time in nature in Tuscany valley and breathing in its nature in a clean Tuscany valley, while you are tasting the marmalades on our table in the new small croissants and sipping our freshly taken coffee from the stove, you are right on a green Tuscany Italy vacations

Italy is not only Rome and the Tuscany valley, of course. It is the region where important cities and history are located in Northern Italy. Italy has an important place in this region when planning holidays. Venice is one of the cities at the beginning of Italy vacations. Venice is one of the most diverse cities in Italy. Italy vacations are an important destination. When you first step into Venice, it begins to fascinate you. It is impossible not to be impressed. Venice draws us in as we stroll through the canals and cross the bridges. It draws us in. You fall in love. 

Venice consists of 118 islets and these islets are connected to each other by more than four hundred bridges. The population of Venice is around 60.000. However, the number of tourists visiting Venice daily in the summer months reaches almost the population of Venice. One of the world-famous symbols of Venice is the gondolas. As the gondolas glide silently between the canals, watching them over the bridges enhances the beauty of Italy vacations.

If I told you that Venice is a city built on stilts, among all this beauty, you would say "no more", wouldn't you? The fact that wood, which is weaker than rock, iron, stone, rotting and used as a supporting material in construction, is the main ingredient in the formation of the world's most beautiful city, both surprised and fascinated me once again.Therefore, it is impossible not to fall in love in Venice. If you have a loved one with you, you can feel the difference of Italy vacations and experience your love.

The streets, the houses, the gondoliers in navy blue T-shirts and straw hats, the color of the sea, the people's enjoyment is so beautiful. After a while, we put the map in our pocket and walked through the streets of Venice without getting bored. The narrow streets that only one person could pass through always led us to a small square, every road I thought would not lead to this road took me to the Adriatic Sea. I have never seen such a beautiful city in my life. This indicates the importance of our Italy vacations. 

We got lost in the streets of Venice, where colorful flowers adorn the buildings, where palms and ivy are in their gardens, where conversations overflow from their balconies, which seem like a historical monument to me, but are actually Anna's and Mario's house. Do the same, put the map aside and let yourself experience the fascinating streets of Venice and Italy vacations.

There are no cars, no buses, no police cars, no horns, no exhaust fumes, no traffic in Venice. Because the architecture of the city is not suitable for this. With just over 400 bridges, Venice is a bridge paradise. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is a city where a bridge is crossed every 5 minutes. At every bridge you pass, you always stop and watch the houses, the clotheslines stretching between the houses, the middle-aged women hanging from the windows, the bricks of the buildings, the gondoliers swinging on the water between the two buildings. This increases the value of Italy vacations.


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